Logo Chez Casgrain

Our Vision

A quick stop for a coffee before heading to the waterside for a stroll

A quiet space to sit down after a long drive

A nice spot to grab a few bites for an afternoon picnic

We are dreamers

We dreamt of a space to gather those from around here, those that are here all year and go through each season. We dreamt of a space where inspiration helps create mystery books, love stories and ambitious projects. We dreamt of being in the center of this energy, on the land we grew up on, grounded by the Appalaches, with our eyes towards the Saint-Lawrence.

We dreamt of a welcoming community, full of energy and vibrant ideas.


We have the health and preservation of our planet at hearth, and its with those values in mind that a lot of decisions were made at Chez Casgrain.

We offer our clients the certitude that all efforts are put in place to reduce the ecological impact of their purchase: composting, replace one-use items with re-usable, recycling and re-purposing of our decor, LED lights, etc.