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A family business

The very first conversations about the adventure happened in fall 2021, shortly after we’ve moved into our new home in Bas-Saint-Laurent. Learning that the Fee Gourmande was about to move and that its space would be free again, we figured it was our luck. The opportunity to create the business we’d dreamt about was perfect, and we took it to open a physical space for our vision. 

It took all of us to put in the effort and within a year, we were ready to open a coffee shop in Kamouraska, in the yard of this house we grew up in.

Chez Casgrain is Elaine and Blake, but also Marie and Denis, our children, our friends and our families. It’s a dream come true by the strengh of our network and the support of our community.

It truly is a family business.

Photos by @Mathilde Crépin Photographie

But really, who's Casgrain?

Pierre Casgrain is an historical figure of the region and his work as a merchant and lord helped numerous local entreprises set sail in the early 1800s.

In 1797, he sets to open a general store in Kamouraska before buying a house in Riviere-Ouelle in 1798. He then orders the construction of the Kamouraska home that will first be used as a store. In 1802, he hired Amable Dionne to operate the shop. The house will end up behind passed to the Michaud family, our ancestors.

Pierre Casgrain will climb the social ladder of the time until he becomes Seigneur.

Born in Quebec on June 16th, 1771, son of Jean Casgrain and Marguerite Cazeau. He will die on November 17th, 1828, in Quebec city and will be put down in Riviere-Ouelle a few days later.

The Casgrain-Michaud House

Built in 1802-1804 for Pierre Casgrain, then merchant in Rivière-Ouelle, the Casgrain-Michaud house has a central spot in Kamouraska. 

Housing a general store and the first bank of the region before becoming a family home, the house was then transformed in 2008 by Marie Drapeau and Denis Bossé into a bed and breakfast. Until 2018, they welcomed visitors in their ancestral home.

It changed vocation again in 2020 and is now housing Atelier du Clocher, an art boutique.